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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Analytics & Information Management

Enterprise Business intelligence

Analytics & Information Management

Financial & Predictive Analytics

Organizations growth is positively correlated with their ability to gain insights from their business data take better decisions and reinforce their customer relationships.

Info-Drive helps organizations to outperform their competition through their state of art analytical capabilities. Our analysts address issues across a spectrum of functional areas (Risk management, Marketing etc.). Our capabilities include segmentation and predictive data modeling, business intelligence and forecasting.

Key Benefits
  • Risk Management metrics estimation
  • Business performance forecasting
  • Customer Segmentation and improve marketing effectiveness
  • Customer lifetime value forecasting
  • Understand, predict and influence consumer behavior

Behavioral Modeling

Customer Intelligence

Companies are in need of an integrated marketing management framework which can do customer data analytics to mine valuable insights and solve critical marketing challenges. A robust Customer Intelligence solution increases product sales, improves customer's life time value, keeps marketing costs down and thereby pushing up the value of the firm.
Note that, Customer Intelligence is just a journey and not a destination, as companies have to constantly measure, manage and learn marketing performance management.

"When the four P’s (price, promotion, product and placement) are effectively blended, they form a marketing program that provides want-satisfying goods and services for the company’s market.“

A prominent marketer, E. Jerome McCarthy

Info-Drive provides you the best Customer Intelligence solution which has proven results for increased overall retention rate, reduced marketing costs, increased customer base and most importantly obtain a holistic view of customer behavior. Using segmentation and predictive analytics, we build analytical models as per company's marketing strategy and objectives. Depending upon company's need and spending ability, we create and execute multiple relationship models like Campaign management, Email/mobile marketing, Event trigger management, real time decision making etc.

Key Benefits
  • Customer value analysis
  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer profitability
  • Response Modeling
  • Churn analysis
  • Campaign management
  • Event trigger management
  • E-mail / mobile marketing
  • Real-time decision making
  • Marketing and Model Performance management

Attrition & Retention Modeling

In a highly competitive consumer goods space, knowing your customer is key, whether he remains loyal or vulnerable to attrition. The cost of customer acquisition is an investment that is paid back over time only if customers remain loyal. Attrition and Retention models benefit organizations to minimize their marketing costs and maximize profitability.

Info-Drive's state of art model building capabilities will help your organization benefit through identifying high likelihood attrition segments. We use advanced data mining and modeling techniques to accurately calculate all possible performance indicators.

Key Benefits
  • Retention Modeling
  • Acquisition Modeling
  • Forecast Customer Attrition rate
  • Calculation of Key Performance Indicators

Social Media Analytics

Since 1971, when the first email was sent between computers till today, social networking has been exponentially increasing. Exchange of information has never been so easy and accessible as it is today.

Social media analytics is a complex challenge. Social discussion volumes and sentiment has been monotonically increasing. Organizations want to harness this huge social media information to evaluate and manage the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their business objectives. Organizations require solutions which measure, monitor, understand and engage them with the social media landscape.

Info-Drive brings the most powerful technology for Social Media Analytics, which gives increasingly accurate and relevant results for your Organization. Market sentiment is duly captured and classified from popular social networking sites, discussion forums and influential blog postings. We use advanced statistical models to mine historical data and apply scoring algorithms to identify the key influencers to your organization. Using phrase cloud technology, we help you to identify the most common topics of discussion in the market place.  

Key Benefits
  • Social Media Analytics on big-datasets
  • Intelligent Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment Analyzer
  • Reporting across products slices, workflow users
  • Fastest Scanner in the Market
  • Social Lead Generation & Management
  • Efficient Workflow, Rapid Customization
  • Enterprise Integration Services

Information Management

You have lot of information at hand about your business than ever before. Organizations need this information to unfold huge business opportunities and build strategies to generate impressive business results.

Most organizations today are not able to organize their information, leading to duplication and inefficiency. There is a lot of competition in every business, and effective information management (IM) is first step to systematically outthink the competition.

Info-Drive offers businesses an Enterprise-wide Information Management solution. Our IM process includes assessment, architecture, strategy, recommendations, implementation and sustenance.

Key Benefits
  • Data Quality Solutions
  • Data integration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Archiving
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Case Study

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