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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Risk & Performance Management

Enterprise Business intelligence

Risk & Performance Management

Enterprise Risk Management

With ever increasing complexity and competition among financial institutions, there is increasing urgency for establishing a comprehensive view of risk. Financial firms want improved risk shield and fewer surprises.

An enterprise wide risk management approach provides businesses with a sound understanding of risk-return tradeoff across its entire gamut of services delivery, allocation of resources and shareholders value maximization.

Info-Drive equips leading financial firms across geographies with cutting-edge risk measurement solutions, facilitating them to design efficient asset management strategies.

Built on a single risk calculation engine, our Enterprise Risk management Solution performs unified risk analyses across various risk types. It provides an integrated perspective on potential losses as well as risk governance & Compliance across entire entity.

Key Benefits
  • Bottom up firm wide aggregate risk exposure calculations
  • Risk concentration identification
  • Common risk engine for all major risks
  • Basel II/III Regulatory compliance
  • Reports (Static & OLAP) & Dashboards

Credit Risk Management

The recent credit crunch and economic downturn has exposed the fundamental weakness of existing credit risk management practices. Financial Institutions are facing enormous challenges with respect to -- credit defaults, bankruptcies, refinement of credit scoring techniques and dealing with offensive credit risk products.

Info-Drive drives businesses to align with the best credit risk management practices. Our calculation engines compute all the financial risk measures accumulating the bank's on and off balance sheet assets. We use advanced data mining techniques for grading your customers as per their Credit worthiness. Our experience in building models for PD, LGD and EAD is a perfect fit for your organization.

Key Benefits
  • Credit Scoring
  • PD, LGD, EAD modeling
  • Regulatory Compliance Measurements
  • Basel II - Capital Charge and Risk weighted assets computation
  • Stress testing framework

Market Risk Management

In the past two decades, world has seen irrational movement of market risk factors. Hedging strategies failed. Big financial firms got crashed down, unable to face economic shocks causing intolerable marked to market losses. Erratic commodity prices movements, interest rate volatility have become high priority topics of discussion in the recent financial world. 

Our quantitative analysts bring in a lot of experience in risk factor modeling, financial instrument pricing and perform advanced market risk analyses. Our consulting services go beyond compliance issues and assist you with appropriate hedging strategies to minimize your portfolio variance and maximize your return based on risk appetite.
 We are adept at building market risk solutions for regulatory compliance and setting up sound stress testing frameworks. Info-drive's proprietary pricing models, market risk regulatory calculations framework which is being used at several leading banks, would surely add immense value to your organization.

Key Benefits
  • Pricing of various instrument
  • Regulatory compliance measurements
  • Basel II - Capital Charge and Risk weighted assets computation
  • VaR and Economic Capital computation
  • Stress testing framework

Operation Risk Management

Operational risk has become a strategic imperative for organizations in all industries, not simply for financial Institutions. No wonder some risk managers say, forget Credit and Market risk you may miss Fortune, but forget Operational risk you may miss your Firm.

Op-Risk events like Corporate and accounting scandals, rogue traders activities leading to well publicized financial fiascos have brought in several regulations and re-engineering of organization structure.

With the catastrophic events just becoming reality, we at Info-Drive understand the significance of Operational risk management. Our risk professionals work closely with firms to build sound scenario analysis business cases. Our Op-Risk solutions are designed meticulously to measure, monitor, assess, control and report Operational risk events.

Our goal is to deliver solutions based on customer's need.  Our web based platform for Op-Risk management solution is very user friendly and modules which are only specific to the customer can be implemented.

Key Benefits
  • Identification of Risk and controls
  • Conduct Risk & self assessment
  • Identification of control operating & design effectiveness
  • Operational Value at risk measure
  • Regulatory compliance measurements
  • Basel II - Capital Charge and Risk weighted assets computation

Asset Liability Management

Have banks learnt lessons from the recent liquidity crunch, which caused big organizations to tumble? Do firms have clear and efficient long term strategies for asset liability management? Very few financial firms in the world have perfectly matched assets and liabilities. Currency and Maturity mismatches may cause liquidity problems and sometimes even lead to bankruptcy. In today's world, with the increase in divisions and product lines in banks balance sheet, Asset Liability management has become much more challenging.

Info-Drive implements solutions which help Organizations to effectively manage their assets and liabilities. We build adequate ALM framework incorporating cash flow analysis, fund transfer pricing, economic value creation and cash flow optimization.  Our stress testing scenarios are an add on to the ALM which helps your organization in monitoring its Net Liquidity position. Our reporting framework makes you fully compliant with regulatory guidelines.

Key Benefits
  • Modeling balance sheet
  • Modeling Volatility and Interest rate risk
  • Liquidity risk measurement
  • Funds Transfer pricing
  • Regulatory compliance

Anti Money Laundering

Dirty money is a growing global concern. Financial institutions have been used as a conduit for illegally obtained funds. Hence, there is an urgent necessity for every bank to incorporate anti-money laundering framework & policies along with other business intelligence solutions. 

Info-Drive implements sophisticated Anti Money Laundering solutions to process information from all areas of your business and gain insights regarding suspicious behavior. We use data mining techniques like customer profiling, segmentation to minimize false positive alerts while decreasing the risk of true criminal activity going undetected. Through our solution, we promise you to meet stringent government regulations, protect shareholder confidence and maintain a strong reputation.

Key Benefits
  • Data mining - Know your customer
  • Suppress false positive alerts
  • Routing business alerts
  • AML reporting

Portfolio Management

What is your current portfolio's Alpha? What is your Beta appetite?

In today's world, markets are increasingly volatile and complex. It's a big challenge for any risk manager to effectively manage his portfolio Greeks. With a variety of options in emerging markets, hedge funds, derivatives and real estate, fund managers got to take shrewd decisions for designing an optimal investment portfolio.

Info-Drive builds optimal portfolios keeping in mind your risk appetite and investment objectives. Our portfolio managers are experts at building sophisticated models and measuring various attributes of financial portfolio. We also offer analysis driven portfolio structuring. Our expertise provides insight about financial market conditions and means to outperform. Our fund management operations are totally transparent to our clients. We constantly monitor client's portfolio and provide reports regularly containing his/her investment portfolio trackers.

Key Benefits
  • Equity Multifactor Models
  • Fixed Income Multifactor Models
  • Interest Rate Models
  • Portfolio Performance Measurement
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