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Innovation ConsultingServices

Info-Drive Innovation services offer Technology led Consulting services and Process led Consulting services for Banks and large Businesses.

Infodrive provides end-to-end IT Managed services, Cloud services and System Integration services.

Our services include:

  • IT Strategy and Consultancy
  • IT Managed Services
  • Cloud Services
          • Infrastructure as a Service
          • Platform as a Service
          • Cloud DR
          • Storage as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Service Automation
  • BizPark Solutions

In MENA region these services are executed through Green Digital Technology Services LLC (

On Demand Services
  • Storage on Demand
  • This allows organizations to increase their storage capacity without big investments. It is an easy to use pay-as-you-go model where a storage space is created for new customers and upgraded for existing customers without loss of data.

  • Backup on Demand
  • Protect your data with our on demand backup solution without the need to invest in expensive server hardware and software. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backups can be provided along with reports along with backup management as per customer requirement.

  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • Providing bandwidth to customers as per their requirement. This could be for the purpose of Internet and/or site-to-site connectivity.

Consultancy Services
  • IT Assessments & Audits
  • IT Assessment & Audits include network, infrastructure and security assessments and audits along with reports as requested. These include auditing of network and security policies, configuration management, access and administration management, state of infrastructure, log and report management and maintenance.

  • DR Solutions
  • Obtain high-availability through our DR solutions. We provide real-time replication of data with tailor made RTO/RPO with minimum cost involved. We aim at maintaining zero to minimum downtime and high availability with their DR Solutions.

Managed Services
  • Application Deployment & Management
  • We handle the deployment and management of vendor developed or customized applications on-site or off-site. The application deployment and management includes creating a server for deployment purposes, installing and configuring the application and managing the application along with reporting capabilities.

  • Database Management
  • Our Database management includes the lifecycle management of a database, i.e. creation of a database server, configuration change and management, performance management and reporting. Database warehousing and cleansing along with querying and table mapping.

  • Network Management
  • Eliminate the cost of managing network infrastructure through our network and load balance management service offering. This includes designing, implementation, troubleshooting, configuration scripting and change management as well as reporting of the network and load balancing performance.

  • Security Management
  • This includes end-end architecture protection, maintenance and management. This includes configuration, maintenance and management of NIDS/NIPS, Firewall, Anti-spam & Anti-malware and SIEM solutions. Green Digital provides security engineering on all the security infrastructure.

  • Backup Management
  • Our backup management service handles the maintenance, change and configuration management of backup based on customer requirements. This includes implementing backup solution, maintenance and management of data and application backup for customers. This service allows for standard and volume based backup.

  • SAN/NAS Management
  • We l provide end-end management of the entire storage network for customers. This includes design, implementation, and configuration and change management. The storage solutions are either dedicated or shared.

Cloud Services
  • Private Cloud Deployment and Management
  • We provide private Cloud Infrastructure at customer premises and at our DC as per the requirement. This also includes management of the cloud infrastructure by us.

  • Cloud Backup & Storage
  • Our virtual backup and storage service is provided to customers on a private or public cloud as per their requirement.

  • Platform as a Service
  • We provide a platform for development and testing of applications on a cloud based on customer requirements.

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Eliminate the need to invest in large amounts for infrastructure by developing a cloud based infrastructure through our service offering. This includes developing infrastructure based on network, storage and server requirements as per customer needs.

  • Desktop/ VDI as a Service
  • We provide its customers with a virtual desktop environment on its cloud based VDI solution on a pay-as-you go model.

  • Central secured Government Cloud Storage
  • A central storage for all government data hosted on a secure cloud.

Security Management
  • SIEM Solutions deployment and management
  • Log and events collection and management through Smart SIEM solution along with customized daily, monthly, weekly and yearly reports.

  • Anti-spam & Anti-malware solutions
  • Protect your end-users through our anti-spam and anti-malware solutions at an affordable cost.

  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Protect your organizations website and web applications through Smart Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. This includes auditing the customer’s website or web applications on-site and/or off-site and detailed custom reports with remediation suggestions.

Disaster Recovery Services

Our DR Service includes.

  • Real time replication
  • Tailor made RPO & RTO
  • Multiple DC options for Production and DR distribution
  • Biz Park services
  • Cloud DR
BizPark Services

Our Bizpark solution is aimed to target all free zones that would provide subscription based IT services that would include.

  • Wifi
  • Printing & Scanning
  • Desktop as a Services
  • Email
  • Office 365
  • Telephony
  • Internet
  • Central file-sharing

All the services are SLA based with SLA credits and would be made available on high available environment.

Info-Drive consultants are adept at conducting Gemba Workshops, Value stream Mapping & Process Blueprinting Workshops. Document existing key business processes and sub-processes such as Sales Process maps, Business Line to Products maps, Procurement Process Maps, Inventory Process Maps, Shipping & logistics Process maps. End of the process exploration phase, Info-drive presents both kaizen and kaikaku improvements.

Our services include:

Process Services

  • Gemba Workshops
  • Value Stream Mapping & Process Blueprinting
  • Quantitative Baselines with Metrics/ Measures
  • Lean Process Development
  • Straight thru Process Innovation
  • Process Automation & Deployment
  • Business-line impact Analysis &
  • Measurement of Success

Technology Services

  • Hardware Solutions
  • Software Solutions
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Firmware Solution
  • Sub-system Development
  • Master System Integration
  • OEM services

Our services include:

Virtualization - VTM

Info-Drive's Virtualization Solutions allows Bank Tellers to operate from low-cost centers, yet provide delightful customer experience. These Solutions delivers Banks a huge cost advantage, since not-all the tellers are busy all the time. Virtualization and Centralization of tellers allows fewer tellers to manage and serve larger number of customers. Some of our components Virtualization -VTM (Virtual Teller Machine) include

  • Smart Card Reader Solution
  • Smart Cash Dispensing Solution
  • Smart Workflow
  • Core Banking integration
  • Digital Signature Pads
  • ISO 8583 based Message Exchange Solution
  • High-End Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Key Benefits

  • Financial Benefit: Delivers Savings of 30%-70% on Outlet Cost of Service
  • Customer Delight: Deliver Personalized Customer Service and workflow comfort

Other Benefits of Bank Virtualization Solution include

  • Instant Access to Bank Tellers.
  • Choosing of Tellers.
  • Deliver full-spectrum of Banking Services.
  • Interactive Form Filling & Digital Form Filling
  • Signature recognition and OCR based.
  • Workflow with Pin access for fast transactions.
  • Customers will also have the ability to change the teller, yet continue the banking transaction from where they shifted.
  • For Priroty Banking, Remote and Local Personnel Assisted for Cash dispensing can be offered.
Banking Kiosk

Info-Drive Banking Kiosk offers Banking Product Showcase & Lead Generation capabilities.System can also capture Bank Statement. Requests and service the request by issuing statements. Activities whch typically involved human intervention can now be handled unmanned. Information kiosk can also provide Digital Form Filling solution that significantly reduces transaction time per customer.

Mobile Pedestal

Info-Drive's mobile pedestal units allows banks to manage sharp fluctuations in customer walkins. InfoDrive'sMobile pedestal are well suited for rush-hours and branch outlets that experience heavy time consuming transactions.

Mobile Banking

Info-Drive Mobile Banking solution offer full-spectrum of anytime anywhere banking Services. This include SMS Short code Services, back office application development, Transaction processing & Integration with other Service delivery system.

Biometric Solutions

Info-Drive offers cutting-edge Face Detection Solution and Finger Print Scanning Solution. These solution in combination are powerful tool for Anti-Money Laundering Solutions.These solutions can also alert Suspicous Transactions and Report then Realtime.

Booth Banking

InfoDrive Booth Banking Solution allows, Interactive highly confidential discussions with wealth managers.Info-Drive Document Scanning and Insta digitization of the paperwork allows seamless discussion with the right bank officials even if they are located anywhere else in the world. Info-Drive booth banking solution also offers Multi-Party Conferencing Solution.

I-Wall Banking

Info-Drive I-Wall Banking Solutions offers cost effective way of distributing banking services to Rural Banking Area. Info-Drive I-Wall can also be used in Malls, Airports and place of prospects and customer congregation.

OEM Services

Info-Drive Innovation services also provide OEM & contract manufacturing capabilities as part of Concept 2 Completion service offerings. The portfolio includes Info-Drive range of Innovative product and solutions from Hardware Equipments, Software Solution, and Connectivity. Info-Drive will also provide subsystem Integration, Staging and Go-Live and Total System Support.

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