Advanced Demand Forecasting for a Retail Giant

Info-Drive Implemented several org-level and department level cost saving initiatives for a leading retail giant.  Each of the process improvements was base-lined and a metric driven improvement roadmap was outlined. After review, thorough execution treatment was applied on the process maps to derive improvements. This included from the simple demurrage process correction to the most advanced business analytics based streamlining. 

One of the critical steps in the innovation consulting services is Geo-wise Demand Forecasting of 100+ retail outlets spread across the world. Large volume of data were collected, cleansed, statistical regression analysis were conducted.  Following were the key value drivers

o    Supply Chain cost computation
o   Regression of Level for baseline forecasting
o   Advanced Computational analysis of Trend & Seasonality
o   Re-architecture of Tech Solutions
o   Orion ERP based product Automation
o   Setting up Business Intelligence Dashboards
o   Technology & Process Training